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Power Systems

Study Programme
Power Systems

Degree Programme
First cycle degree programme

Level of qualification
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, in Power Systems

Occupational Profiles of Graduates
Graduates from this programme will have unique opportunity to become a part of the Power Industry, which is one of the most stabile industries and continuously employs a number of young engineers for many decades now. The field of Power Systems offers chances for successful career and well payed job in transmission and distribution companies, electricity trading and supply, as well as, in the public sector, consultancy, installation design and equipment production companies. Following the implementation of the emerging technologies and market practices in the Power Systems, adequate specialists are urgently required in the country and worldwide, where our diploma is recognized without limitations.

The Programme Learning Outcomes
The study programme in Power Systems enables students to acquire know-how and skills in three out of four main activities of Power Industry: electricity transmission, distribution and supply. The teaching process includes use of state-of-the-art software tools for simulation and analyses of Power Systems operation, as well as, for in-deep study of Power Systems planning and control, Electricity Markets, High Voltage Engineering, Low Voltage Installations, Lighting and Quality of Supply. Quite a few Lab exercises in Faculty’s Laboratories provide additional opportunities for students to gain pratical knowledge in the area of power engineering. The theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during this programme qualify its students for resolving a spectrum of technical problems they may encounter in their careers

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